Matt Gaetz: “We have the evidence, not following through on an impeachment of Joe Biden would be a dereliction of duty”

Matt Gaetz says the GOP has enough evidence against President Joe Biden to impeach him and that not doing so would be a dereliction of duty. Matt said:

“I went on CNN recently and was told repeatedly by host Abby Phillip that there is “no evidence” linking President Biden to anything illegal having to do with Hunter Biden.

“This is the party line over at CNN. As Mediaite reported, “CNN anchors and other on-air staffers told viewers dozens of times there’s ‘no evidence’ against President Joe Biden after news broke of an impeachment inquiry into Biden.”

“CNN got their marching orders from the White House. The White House sent a memo out to media outlets that could have been mistaken as coming from a CNN prompter. It repeatedly says that there is “no evidence.”

“Oh really? There’s no evidence? That might be the case if you are deaf, dumb, and blind.

“Here’s the reality: As Vice President, Joe Biden changed U.S. foreign policy to the benefit of a Ukrainian business paying Hunter Biden.

“There is a plethora of evidence showing this.

“The evidence that CNN and the White House claims doesn’t exist shows that not only was Biden aware of the Burisma business, but so were his top aides.

“Biden’s then-communications director Kate Bedingfield, for example, allowed Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s friend and business partner, to review a statement she planned to release on Biden’s Burisma ties.

Biden’s staff explicitly told Biden in a memo that Biden shouldn’t link Burisma owner Zlochevsky to corruption if asked about him at a press conference. Executive branch officials went out of their way to protect Hunter Biden’s employer.

“A Biden adviser even copied Hunter Biden’s business email on a message to Joe Biden that included a scheduled call with the president of Ukraine.

“The evidence that we’re told doesn’t exist is voluminous.

“In addition to all the evidence of Biden’s corruption that I just described, we also have a memo from an FBI informant.

“The FBI informant, who is considered a long time trusted source, said that Burisma owner Zlochevsky told him in 2016 that he paid off the Bidens — $5 million to Hunter and $5 million to Joe. The informant said that Zlochevsky told him he was “coerced into paying the Bidens to ensure Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired.”

“President Trump put it best when he wrote on Truth Social that House Republicans don’t need an “inquiry” to prove Joe Biden’s corruption, “it’s already proven.”

“We have the evidence. It’s time to take action,” he said.