Mark Levin Turns Tables On DOJ After Trump Indictment: “This is an insurrection, that’s exactly what is going on here”

Mark Levin turned the tables on Joe Biden and Merrick Garland over the Trump indictment saying this is an insurrection. Levin said:

“President Trump is 76 years old. If the Department of Justice gets his way, he will die in federal prison just by one of these counts. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, which has a 20 year maximum sentence.

“This is a disgusting, disgusting mark on American history for the future to come by. The these bandits in the White House, by the Democrat Party that don’t play fair anymore.

“They don’t want to just win elections. They want to take control of this country.

“They want one party rule and they have used the Department of justice and the FBI to get what they want. Merrick Garland is a mob lawyer.

“That’s what he is. Jack Reed (Smith) is a rogue Soviet style prosecutor.

“He made the decision to indict the former president, and they made the decision to interfere in this election.

“You want to talk about an insurrection? This is an insurrection. And that’s exactly what is going on here.

“The Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute and it was never intended to be.

The Espionage Act of 1917 was passed under Woodrow Wilson, another corrupt president.

Woodrow Wilson used it to go after his adversaries and they imprisoned 2000 people.

“So I suppose over there at the Department of Injustice and this clown prosecutor spent a lot of time at The Hague, they probably figured these laws could be used to try and entrap Trump.

“There’d be no obstruction issue of any kind. Not even in anybody’s imagination had they not criminalized this case.

“This is a document case. A document case where a President of the United States or a former President faces 100 years in federal prison.

“Is this some kind of a sick joke on the American people?

“Joe Biden says he never told them what to do. Joe Biden had to sign off on that’s becoming a National Archives case to have it go to the Department of justice.

“Who does he think he’s lying to? The American people.

“This is a guy that’s got documents from the time he was in the US senate, for God’s sakes, in his garage.

“I don’t want to hear from the legal analysts, the technicalities about false statements and obstruction.

“This should never have been a criminal case.

“Willful retention of documents.

“Well, what’s the unwillful retention of documents mean?

“They’re throwing all these process crimes and all these crimes that grow out of the criminal investigation against Trump.

“What did he do with the documents?

“Did he sell them to the enemy?

“No. That’s why we have an Espionage Act, not the trick of a President,” he said.