Maria Bartiromo Gets Emotional Remembering 9/11, Tells USA “To Come Together, We Must Stay Strong And Unified”

Fox News star Maria Bartiromo got emotional recounting what she experienced on 9/11 and in the days after before telling Americans to come together and stay strong and unified. She said:

“On September 17th, when I was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, we were all still in shock. We looked up at that podium, and it was the firefighters, and it was the NYPD, and it was the first responders, and it was the mayor, and the governor, and the senators and the congressmen. 

“And we all looked at each other, I looked up, everybody on the floor was looking up, and we were still in shock. We were in such mourning. 

“We lost our friends. We lost our family. We could not believe what just happened.

“But we had strength. 

“We looked at those people at the podium, and they moved us forward and they gave us the strength and the confidence to say we will rise again, and we will get through this, and we will fight back, and we will get tougher, and we will be strong again. 

“And it was such an important message on September 17th, just a week after the dreadful day of September 11th.

“What we have to remember is the strength and the unity that we got after we understood what took place. “The strength and the unity that we had when we knew we were under attack.

“We must stay strong and unified. 

“Somehow, we must come together.

“I just pray for my friends, that they’re in when my dad, and they are looking down on us and trying to give us the strength we need,” she said.