Maria Bartiromo Calls Out CBS, NBC, And ABC For Spending “Zero Time on Biden Bribery Allegations While Spending Nearly Five Hours on Trump Indictment”

Fox News star Maria Bartiromo called out the corporate media for ignoring ‘the most serious allegations ever leveled against a president,’ Biden’s bribery charge, while covering Trump’s indictment nonstop.

She was interviewing House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) who took a swipe at MSNBC’s “low IQ audience”

BARTIROMO: The Media Research Center finds over a four day span last week, CBS, NBC, and ABC’s morning and evening shows spent zero, zero time on the Biden bribery allegations while they spent nearly five hours on the indictment of President Trump.

Congressman, how does that complicate your communicating this story and telling the American people what’s going on here, the fact that the mainstream media will not even cover arguably the most serious allegations ever leveled against a president.

COMER: I will admit, Maria, it’s very frustrating.

They know there’s something wrong here.

They know all the allegations have merit because of where Joe Biden was, because of what we’ve seen on tape before where Joe Biden bragged about firing that prosecutor.

They know that this family created these shell companies.

They know this family was money laundering.

They were profiting off Joe Biden’s influence. The media knows that.

But they’re just not covering it.

Then you have the liberal media like MSNBC with their low IQ audience that are sitting there and they’re being told bad things about me and members of the Oversight Committee because we have the audacity to investigate.

So we’re having to go against a hostile media, a media that’s turned a blind eye.

But I think the more information we provide, and I’m being very transparent with the American people.

When we find new bank records, when we find another shell company, when we find more evidence of wrongdoing, we immediately offer it to the mainstream media.

Eventually, they’re going to cover this, Maria.

I have no doubt because the evidence is overwhelming.