Majorie Taylor Green Congratulates Trump On ‘Undefeated Record Against CNN”

Majorie Taylor Green was proud of former President Donald Trump going into the lion’s den and coming out the clear winner last night. She ripped Biden saying he can’t even talk to the press let alone do what Trump did last night.

She said: “I enjoyed congratulating President Trump on his outstanding town hall and undefeated record against CNN. We laughed and laughed.

“I’m so proud of President Trump tonight, GREAT JOB! He is truly showing everyone why he is the president America needs. He is doing a town hall with CNN, who has attacked him more than anyone.

“Biden won’t even talk, can’t even talk to the press.

“But President Trump loves this country and is showing he’s willing to fight for it.”


“America is under attack.

“Joe Biden, the man responsible for defending our country, is compromised and a threat to our national security.

“In just a few hours, Joe Biden will allow Title 42 to terminate and he will open the flood gates to a border crisis never before seen and never thought possible. 

“We must re-elect President Trump for a third time in 2024!!”