Lauren Boebert Issues Warning To Joe Biden: “Let it be known, the Oversight Committee will be looking into Biden’s attempts to hide his scandal, sunlight is the best disinfectant”

GOP Rep Lauren Boebert put President Joe Biden on notice over the growing classified document scandal. She said: “Let it be known, the Oversight Committee will be looking into the Biden Regime’s attempts to hide his classified document scandal from the American people.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant, Joe, so let’s see if your Aviators can hold up to all we’re about to shine on you. Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents reported 10,000 crossings last week, with around 30% of those getting away. While much of our attention is rightfully on Biden’s classified document disaster, let’s not forget our nation is still under invasion.”

The National Archives told congressional Republicans it will share information related to Biden’s classified documents after consulting with the Justice Department to make sure releasing information does not interfere with DOJ’s criminal probe.

In a letter to House Oversight Chairman James Comer, acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall wrote”

“DOJ has advised it will need to consult with the newly appointed Office of Special Counsel (SCO) in DOJ, to assess whether information can be released without interfering with the SCO’s investigation.

“Our desire to provide you with as much information as we can, however, must also be balanced with the need to protect Executive branch equities, particularly as they relate to ongoing criminal law enforcement investigations by DOJ.

“Our action and responses with respect to both of these matters have been entirely consistent and without any political bias.

“NARA receives only the Presidential and Vice Presidential records that the departing administration provides us; we are never able to know whether we have ‘all’ such records,” the archivist wrote.

Biden finally spoke on the topic saying:

“We found a handful of documents that were filed in the wrong place. We immediately turned them over to the National Archives and the Justice Department.

“We’re fully cooperating and looking forward to getting this resolved quickly.

“I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there. 

“I have no regrets,” Biden said.