Kyle Rittenhouse Gets More Vindication As Man Who Fired First Shot In Riot Arrested On Six Felonies Including Armed Robbery And Armed Burglary

The Kenosha rioter caught on video firing a gun moments before Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself and kill two assailants during the 2020 Kenosha riot has been charged with armed robbery and other violent crimes.

Joshua Ziminski and his wife, Kelly Ziminski, two Kenosha rioters, were charged Monday night after going on a crime spree. Charges include armed robbery, armed burglary, and false imprisonment.

Ziminski was arrested following the riot on a gun charge and for arson. He was on bail when he committed his new crimes. (See new charges below)

According to The Milwaukee Journal from last year:

Kenosha prosecutors have filed arson charges against a man involved in key confrontations during protests in August that included the fatal shooting of two people.

Joshua Ziminski now faces a felony count of arson, along with misdemeanors of disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon and obstructing an officer.

At a hearing Tuesday, prosecutors dismissed an earlier case involving the disorderly conduct with a weapon, which stemmed from Ziminski firing a shot in the air right before Kyle Rittenhouse shot Joseph Rosenbaum between some cars at a gas station.

Ziminski, 35, and his wife, Kelly, were also seen on various videos of the evening’s events hanging out with Rosenbaum, including right before Rosenbaum began chasing Rittenhouse.

According to the Kenosha County Eye, the new charges for Ziminski and his wife are:

Both Joshua and Kelly

Felony Armed Robbery

Felony Armed Burglary

Felony False Imprisonment

Felony Intimidation of Victim

Felony ID Theft

Misdemeanor Battery

Josh Only

Felony Bail-Jumping

Kelly Only