Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley Sends Brutal Message To All Trump Haters

Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley prefers to stay out of politics but the left makes that impossible these days by making everything about Trump.

They twist every news story to find a negative angle about Trump and then they relentlessly push it out into the media sphere to dupe their liberal readers.

Who fall for it every time.

Look, Trump does enough wrong that they don’t have to do this, but they just cannot help themselves. Frehley, for one, is not having it anymore. From Breitbart:

Appearing on the “Juliet: Unexpected” podcast, the 67-year-old rocker said that he normally didn’t involve himself in politics, he was annoyed by people who “jump on a bandwagon against our government.”

“I hate politics,” Frehley said. “I don’t like talking politics, and I don’t think politics and music mix. I really frown on musicians who get up on a platform and start talking about the president or complain about — I just don’t think it belongs.

“I’m an entertainer,” he continued. “There’s no reason to bring up politics. Let me play my guitar and write songs and entertain people. That’s my job.”

Frehley went on to argue that whether people “love him or hate him,” they should “get behind” President Donald Trump for the sake of the country.

“He was elected. We live under the Constitution of the United States, and you’re supposed to support your president,” he said. “Love him or hate him, you’re supposed to support him, or go move to another country.”

“Being American, we have the right to free speech, and I’m all for everybody putting their two cents in on everything, but when musicians or actors get really verbal and jump on a bandwagon against our government, I don’t agree with that,” he added.