Kevin McCarthy Checkmates Nancy Pelosi: “Democrats appear to be suffering from selective hearing, Republicans will act to put America first”

President Trump shocked Washington this week when he demanded more stimulus money for the American people. 

Today, Nancy Pelosi thinks she can trap the GOP with an attempt to get $2,000 passed by unanimous consent.  

This is really a political trap, a publicity stunt she thinks will work so today Kevin McCarthy hit back with a move of his own and checkmated Nancy. 

He said, “Democrats appear to be suffering from selective hearing. They’ve conveniently ignored Trump’s call to reexamine tax dollars wasted overseas while so many Americans are struggling at home.”

“Republicans will act to put America first,” he added. 

Congressman Jason Chaffetz said last night on Hannity that “Congress has a choice to make.” 

“Will they deliver needed aid to Americans struggling in the pandemic, or will they retreat to the old ways of Washington, where pork-packed projects, foreign nations, and the special interests take priority over the forgotten men and women of the United States of America?” 

“President Trump was elected to be a disruptive force. He was never a ‘go along to get along’ politician.”

“Time and time again, President Trump has made it clear that he hears the call from American people to stand up to the political class and he hears calls to buck the status quo and to stand up to special interests.”

“His only priority has been that of the American people,” he added. 

“Here’s the core question. Will they also agree to cut out the pork and all the reckless spending in the legislation?”

“They probably won’t. Unfortunately, wasteful spending and misplaced priorities are nothing new inside the Democrats’ ever-growing far-left wishlist.”