Kellyanne Conway: “Kamala reminds me of Hillary because she doesn’t have enough people around her to tell her that’s not a good idea, don’t do that”

Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway called out Vice President Kamala Harris for her role in the debacle that has been year one of the Joe Biden presidency. Conway said Harris has actually accomplished one goal of the Biden administration, uniting the country, just not in the way she thought she would.

Instead, Conway says Kamala’s incompetence has unified the country against the VP and President Joe Biden. At least according to most recent polls. Harris and Biden have shockingly low numbers and worse, they have no idea how to get them back up.

Conway said on Fox News: “If you look at her poll numbers, she has unified America. They promised unity in America, and indeed they’ve unified America against both Biden but especially Harris.

“I was at Pearl Harbor just last week with three of my children.

“And anybody who’s been there knows it is a disgrace to our military, to our veterans, to our country, to our democracy to ever equate the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11, in Pearl Harbor,” Conway said of Kamala’s Jan 6 speech.

“These were prepared remarks that one would believe she had reviewed ahead of time,” she added.

Conway continued saying “we’re all going to remember Aug. 26, 2021” to mark the Biden administration’s “chaotic withdrawal,” from Afghanistan.

It is still inconceivable Biden’s team was caught so flatfooted and unaware of what was happening in that country. It is incomprehensible really.

Conway continued:

“Kamala reminds me of Hillary in this way: She doesn’t have enough people around her who she trusts to tell her, ‘That’s not a good idea. Don’t do that. Walk that back. Correct it. Be prepared.

“Her own staff has told the media that ‘she doesn’t want to prepare,'” Kellyanne said before adding:

“‘She’s unprepared. We give her these briefing books. 

“She doesn’t prepare, and then when she is called out as being unprepared, she blames us.'”