Kellyanne Conway Issues Warning To Ron DeSantis: “I don’t think woke and COVID are two things that are going to win the nomination”

Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway issued a warning to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as he contemplates taking a huge gamble and jumping into the 2024 presidential race. She told Ron to focus on Florida’s economic success and drop his “woke and COVID” talking points.

Conway said, “I give President Trump and Governor DeSantis credit for being out there connecting with voters. You had Kamala Harris and Joe Biden at home. They were in California and Delaware yet again, as if all the nation’s problems have been solved. 

“I thought up Trump getting at CPAC and saying I can finish the job. We had lower crime, lower prices. Only he can say that I’ve done the job, let me do it again. I thought that was him reclaiming the mantel.

“Governor DeSantis going to the Reagan Library, that’s a very heady and honorable event. 

“I like when he talks about it. 

“He said something to the effect of when common sense is an uncommon virtue. 

“It’s a great line that reminded me of Governor Sanders’ line rebutting President Biden, saying there’s normal and there’s crazy.

“What I would say to Governor DeSantis though is he should talk about economic miracle in Florida. 

“I don’t think woke and COVID are two things that are going to win the nomination and, ultimately, the presidency. 

“They animate a certain population, but Business Insider just ran the article asking CPAC attendees to define woke, and the answers were all over the place. 

“So the more he says that the more he’s detracting from what is a pretty good Republican message,” she said.