Kayleigh McEnany Rips Media Hit Job On Trump, Reminds Dems POTUS “Generously Donates His Salary”

Kayleigh McEnany ripped the media hit job on President Trump over his leaked tax returns calling the Democrats desperate.

“Democrats and the liberal media are desperately trying to smear President Trump ahead of the election, but this trivial attack did not persuade the American people in 2016,” McEnany said.

“For four years, the forgotten men and women of America have watched their President sacrifice his eminently successful business career, generously donate his salary, and tirelessly fight for them every single day.”

From Breitbart:

In addition to the president’s generosity when it comes to donating his entire salary—he technically actually has to legally keep $1 per year, as the president is by statute not allowed to work for free—he has also, as McEnany said, taken hits in his business because he is not running that day-to-day right now. In other words, it’s costing Trump lots of money to serve as president—meaning it would be much easier for his business prospects to just go run his business. Trump has made this point repeatedly on the campaign trail.

Several experts have already critiqued the Times story on Trump’s tax situation, including the Center for Tax Freedom’s Ryan Ellis in a tweet thread and in an op-ed for the Federalist…

…Democrat candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats—as well as establishment media figures—quickly latched onto the latest Times attack to try to bash Trump with it. Within hours of the Times piece publishing, Biden had already launched a stock-footage-filled web advertisement claiming Trump did not pay as much in taxes as many other professions.

A big problem in their logic, however, is that Biden and his wife actually created a series of corporations to avoid paying payroll taxes on millions of dollars of income they brought in after Biden’s time as Vice President.

As Breitbart News reported earlier on Monday, the Bidens created a pair of S Corporations to avoid tax liability, saving themselves—albeit in a legal manner, through a loophole that even former President Barack Obama tried to close—hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars they would have owed to the federal government.

“Joe Biden spent five decades cashing a government paycheck before cashing out on his public office to the tune of nearly $16 million dollars made from speaking fees, book sales, and a fake ‘professorship,’” Deputy Director of Communications for Rapid Response for Trump’s re-election campaign Matt Wolking told Breitbart News.

 “Donald Trump spent decades building a business empire and now he is working night and day for the American people for free because he loves our country and wants to make it great again.”