Kayleigh McEnany Rips Dems For Blaming Trump For Violence: “Like the arsonist blaming the firefighter”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany dropped the hammer on Joe Biden and the Democrats for trying to blame Trump for the violence.

She addressed Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) request for President Trump to cancel his upcoming trip to Kenosha.

“One would think that be the case — here we go again Democrats ignoring the state of Wisconsin as they did in 2016,” McEnany said, before adding that that the President’s visit shows that he is “demonstrating his respect for the American people by actually going to places where Americans are hurting.”

“He’ll always show up that’s what this president has done for four years and he’ll continue to do,” McEnany said.

Then during her press conference Kayleigh McEnany went after the hapless Democrats who are trying to blame Trump for the violence across our country.

On the media and the Dems blaming for violence in Democrat cities. McEnany said:

“That’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter.”