Kayleigh McEnany Responds To Glowing Praise From Hollywood Star: “I put in a lot of work as press secretary, am glad it was recognized”

Hollywood star Joe Rogan offered high praise for former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany comparing her to sports legend Michael Jordan because she was so good at the job.

Rogan had Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his podcast when politics came up. Rogan at one point told his huge audience to ‘vote Republican.’ Rogan said of Kayleigh:

“It’s a weird job in the beginning, right? To begin with, because it’s a job where you’re not even asking the president, you’re asking this White House, press secretary. (See Video Below)

“The only one who was good at the — that girl McKeneney…what’s her name? Kay — Kayleigh McEnany. “The one who worked for Trump, that lady was a f*cking assassin. 

“That lady had like binders with like footnotes and anyone would say some sh*t she’d say ‘That’s interesting because actually CNN said this’ and then she would like quote it back to them and stuff it in their face. 

“That lady’s the best ever at that job.

“She’s the fucking Michael Jordan of White House press secretaries. 

“She’s a f*cking wizard. 

“She was great at it. 

“Unfortunately she was working for Trump, so she didn’t get any of the credit she deserved for, you know, being so good at that,” he said.

Kayleigh said:

“Yes, Joe Rogan did give me high praises, I did see that, for many people that was really nice for Joe Rogan to say that, I put in a lot of work as press secretary and studied til midnight most nights and I think it paid off because we came with facts.

“I’m glad that it was recognized, and am very grateful to Joe Rogan for saying what he did.”