Kayleigh McEnany Ends Pelosi’s Reign of Terror: “She does not deserve to be speaker ever again”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany ended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Congressional reign of terror over the stalled stimulus bill saying Nancy is “fundamentally unserious” and “derelict in her duties.”

Look, Pelosi played hardball with the stimulus because she didn’t want Trump to get a big win right before the election.

Mitch and the GOP had their reasons for being stubborn and it cost Trump and middle America.

It seemed the only one who wanted to do right by the American people was Trump because his political fortunes were tied to that bill.

“She wants this amount of funding to open schools and we give that we give more than that and she rejects it,” said McEnany before calling out AOC and Ilhan Omar.

“We’ll continue to move toward the left, but that bipartisan group again needs to put pressure on the radical AOC’s of the world and the Ilhan Omar’s that control Nancy Pelosi like a Marionette puppet.”

She added that the FDA is working “around the clock,” to approve the vaccine but Trump “will never apologize for putting the fire under these agencies to say yes, we want a safe vaccine, absolutely, we also want a fast one.”

She went after Pelosi again, “Her stimulus bill was chock-full of, guess what, mail-in voting regulations to try to secure Democrat power in the halls of Congress.”

“She does not deserve to be speaker ever again,” McEnany added.