Kayleigh McEnany Busts CNN Lying About Her Family, Gets Anderson Cooper To Issue Correction

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany busted CNN telling a whopper about her family and called out the network and host Anderson Cooper.

She said about a story CNN ran, “FAKE NEWS from CNN that is disproven by the official White House Pool Report written by a reporter.”

“WATCH Anderson Cooper FALSELY claim my husband cheered for me at the White House Press Briefing & read the pool report below noting it was actually a reporter cheering,” she added. (see the video below)

The pool report does not lie and CNN came clean. Anderson Cooper said later,

“On 360 tonight we said Kayleigh McEnany’s husband cheered her on during today’s press briefing.”

“The report was based on a pool report from inside the room.”

“That pool report was later corrected, noting it was not Kayleigh’s husband who cheered her on. Our apologies for the error.”

Kayleigh wasn’t buying and hit back harder

Correcting false reporting on Twitter after perpetuating an inaccurate story on prime time TV does little.

“Anderson Cooper had 6+ hours to read the new pool report, but ran with a false story instead. This is “journalism” today:”

“Lie first. Apologize after.”