Kathy Griffin Whines About Young Americans Mocking Her: “Youths make videos dedicated to how ugly I am and show photos of me”

Hollywood star Kathy Griffin got some bad news when she finally went on the Chinese social media service TikTok. Griffin chronicled her attempt to learn how the site works only to discover young people in America and across the globe use the site to mock her and call her ugly. Ouch.

Kathy said: “I just spent the last hour trying to work that TicTac! I don’t know how to get verified. I don’t know how you can tell when a video was even posted. Are there trending news topics? I want weather updates and videos from political events. 

“Am I stuck on this nightmare bird app? Ugh. I don’t understand any of it. This place definitely gets more vicious every day. I made a video backstage is a Jimmy Kimmel Live show and then I made one at my house where Taylor Lorenz was trying to explain how to use it and I talked about cryptocurrency.

“I have two of them (TikTok accounts).

“I think my real one actually has less followers but I’m not sure.

“It’s all very confusing.

“When I go on TikTok I don’t even see my profile page, it just starts playing videos.”

A couple of days later Kathy figured out the app and to her horror discovered what America thinks of her.

She said:

“Um, so on TikTok.

“Apparently youths make videos dedicated to how UGLY I AM & show photos of me.

“Oh, & there’s a song accompanying it called “look how ugly she is” 

“Jesus, who has the time?”

She also took the time to go after Peter Thiel, a silicon valley legend and Republican donor.

“Ugh, OK gayz, I have avoided going in on Peter Thiel because many of my gayz don’t even know who he is. 

“BUT, I encourage you to look this scary dude up. Between this and 23 and me, this crowd is trying to get a master race going.”


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