Kari Lake Tells Supporters: “The GOP cavalry is coming, buckle up boys and girls, it’s about to get fun”

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is locked in a tight race with Dem Challenger Katie Hobbs. The vote is still coming in but according to an Arizona elections expert, the GOP has a lot of votes left outstanding.

Former elections official and ABC data scientist Garrett Archer said:

“Not that I want to rain on anyone’s party. But a reminder that based on the affidavit transmission party data we still have some very, very friendly batches coming for R slate in Maricopa.

“Almost certainly not friendly enough for Masters. Lake and Hamadeh are very much in this.

“This is also big.

“The next batch of 114k late early drop-offs that were transmitted to the elections department will break in favor of @KariLake.

“Important note: We do not know when these ballots will be tabulated, but the GOP cavalry is coming.”

Kari Lake said:

“From the Data Guru himself:  The GOP cavalry is coming”

“Buckle up, boys and girls. 

“It’s about to get fun.”

Archer added later:

AZ outstanding ballot estimate w/ provisionals as of 830pm 11/11

State: 394,521

Apache 9,280

Cochise 8,262

Coconino 8,208

Gila 55

Graham 118

Maricopa 274,885

Mohave 1,200

Pima 71,406

Pinal 17,969

Yavapai 1,983

Yuma 1,155