Kari Lake Tells Fox News To Pound Sand: “Fox News is a globalist network who wants to bring down our constitution and take away our Second Amendment”

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake branded Fox News as a “globalist network” during a recent discussion with Piers Morgan.

Morgan referenced a Fox News poll that showed Americans favor gun restrictions saying: “Eighty-seven of Americans back stricter background checks. 81% agree the legal age to buy a gun should be raised to 21. 

“Eighty percent agree that anyone who buys a gun should go through a mental health assessment. Eighty percent want police to take guns from people considered a danger to themselves.

“Seventy-seven percent want a 30-day waiting off period for all gun purchases.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Lake said. “Fox News is a globalist network pushing a globalist agenda.”

“Fox News is watched by a lot of gun owners,” Morgan said.

“Fox News is a globalist network run by globalists who want to bring down our constitution and take away our Second Amendment,” Lake said.

“I don’t think Fox News is a globalist network. It’s the biggest conservative network in the country,” Morgan said.

“They fired Tucker Carlson,” Lake reminded Piers.

“Would you not agree with any of them?” Morgan said of the Fox News poll.

“If you pass any of those and make those laws, they’re unconstitutional. 

“We have a Constitution,” Lake said. She turned to Joe Biden’s failures. She said:

“The streets of Joe Biden’s America have become lawless.

“As a mother, I own firearms to protect my family and you should too.

“I will never stop fighting for your right to defend your loved ones.

“For Joe Biden, it’s not about age. It’s about cognitive ability. He is simply mentally incapable of doing the job. 

“But what scares me the most about him is his ethics. He’s supposed to be protecting our citizens and instead he sells us out.

“He has American blood on his hands.

“Thousands of illegal immigrants are amassed outsider our border.

“He is complicit in the invasion of the country he’s supposed to protect.”