Kari Lake Puts NFL On Notice: “If the NFL wants to play chicken over the 2023 Super Bowl, I can promise you that I win that game”

GOP candidate for Governor in Arizona put the National Football League on notice when she was asked during a ‘debate’ (the Dem candidate didn’t show up) what she would do if the NFL pushed back against her proposed border policies.

The Super Bowl will be held in Arizona in February. After the debacle with Major League Baseball pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta over new voting laws only to see record turnout in recent elections, the NFL would be foolish to get involved.

But that hasn’t stopped them before. Lake was interviewed by Mike Broomhead on AZTV and said she believes she has the authority as governor to declare an invasion at the border. Broomhead asked if she is concerned about potential blowback from the NFL over an invasion declaration.

Lake said: “You want to tell me that a bunch of football teams owned by billionaires are OK with fentanyl pouring across our border and … killing our young people?

“If the NFL is OK with that, they’ve got to do some soul searching.

“I don’t answer to the @NFL

“I answer to the people of Arizona.”

“If the NFL wants to play chicken over the 2023 Super Bowl, I can promise you that I win that game.”

Broomhead asked how the country should handle the continuing uncertainty over the fate of Dreamers.

Lake said: “I’m running for governor of Arizona, that’s a federal issue, right? And so I don’t need to decide that. But what I can do is keep people from coming across the border and that’s what I plan to do.”

On abortion Lake said:

“We’re going to follow the laws on the book, and we don’t know at the end of the day right now where that stands,” she said.

“The real death sentence should go to the person who rapes, not a baby,” she said.

According to NBC12:

Lake reiterated her belief that Arizona’s universal voucher expansion would force the public schools to change the way they educate children.

The Empowerment Scholarship Account program gives families $7,000 per child to pay for parochial or private school, as well as other activities. 

Lake also indicated she would try to do away with Arizona’s standardized tests.

“There’s nothing worse than when you can tell a teacher is just teaching to the test,” she said.

“You’re actually not teaching the children. And so we’re going to pull that kind of program where we’re not having to teach to the test anymore. We’re going to actually stimulate our children’s brains.”

Lake has vowed to eliminate municipalities’ taxes on groceries and rent, in order to give Arizonans a break from high inflation. (The state doesn’t tax groceries or rent.)

Lake said the state would reimburse governments for the loss of what amounts to $400 million in tax revenue. The taxes help pay for public safety and other basic services in many cities and towns that don’t have large tax bases.

The goal, Lake said, is to “wean” cities and towns off the tax revenue over five years, by helping them come up with a plan to live without it.