Kamala Harris Gets Brutal Payback For Kavanaugh Smear Job

Kamala Harris’ just learned the hard way that payback is a b*tch. Karma has a way of catching up with you in the business of politics and Kamala’s past just came back to haunt her.

The left is on various witch hunts in their attempt to cleanse the nation of anything offensive (to their sensibilities) and it is like a minefield out there.

No one knows which Hollywood hot shot or political altar boy will be exposed next but we do know that that left will vilify them and eventually will cast out the enablers as they have done with Hillary.

Which is why the bombshell news coming out of California is so damaging for Kamala Harris. She made her name nationally smearing Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the political hit of the century and the right will never forgive her.

The left is just finding out the truth about her past and the past of her closest aides and it is bad that it will stain her in the party.

She tried to deny that she knew anything about her top aide for 14 years being a creepy sexual harasser. Not many believed her but without proof, it was hard to make the devastating charge stick.

Now we have the smoking gun and know the truth- she knew and in not doing anything, in covering it up, she was complicit. Like Hillary

This will make it extremely difficult to win a presidential primary in the current liberal environment. From Fox News:

Sen. Kamala Harris insisted earlier this month that she was “unaware” of the harassment allegations against her top aide during her time as California’s Attorney General, but the agency that she oversaw: California’s Department of Justice was informed about the complaint three months before she exited in early 2017, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Larry Wallace, the longtime aide who went to Washington with Harris, resigned earlier this month after the newspaper asked about the 2017 settlement with Danielle Hartley, a woman who made the accusations. Harris’ senate office said the senator had no knowledge of the alleged harassment.

But some expressed skepticism that Harris had no idea of the harassment caused by Wallace. GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote in a tweet that the senator was either “lying or grossly incompetent.”

“No one is buying Kamala Harris’s claim she didn’t know her top aide of 14 yrs was accused of sexual harassment, resulting in a $400K settlement,” she wrote.

According to the report, an intake form from the Equal Employment Rights and Resolution Office, which administers the issues concerning discrimination at the state DOJ, reveals that the department was alerted on Oct. 3, 2016 that Hartley will pursue legal action.

Hartley had also already requested the right to sue from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Bee reported. Her complaint, filed a month earlier, detailed the allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation – naming Wallace and “those who worked for him” as the culprit.