Julian Assange To Be Evicted, Arrested As Luck Runs Out

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno is getting ready to give Wikileaks Julian Assange the boot according to numerous reports.

This is not that shocking as Ecuador has grown increasingly wary of holding Assange in their embassy in London.

Assange should be terrified because of a young lawyer in Mueller’s employ’s slip up. He cut and pasted a section from Assange’s sealed indictment into the wrong case and did not check his work.

That is how the world (and Assange) found out the DOJ has a sealed indictment waiting for him the minute he steps out of the door of the embassy.

It seems Moreno has secured the promise that the Brits won’t send Assange to anywhere with the death penalty after they arrest him which they surely will, but the US will simply say they will not seek it in his case and he will be handed over.

From The New York Post: Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said Thursday WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can leave his country’s London embassy any time he wants — and the sooner the better.

“I do not like the presence of Mr. Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, but we have been respectful of his human rights and with that respect in mind we think that six years is too long for someone to remain nearly incarcerated in an embassy,” Moreno said

“There is a path for Mr. Assange to take the decision to exit into near freedom.”

Assange had whined that Ecuador was seeking to end his asylum and hand him over to the US, where prosecutors were preparing t a criminal case against him.

From The AP:Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, when he was granted asylum while facing allegations of sex crimes in Sweden that he said were a guise to extradite him to the U.S.

But his relations with his hosts have soured to the point that Moreno earlier this year cut off his access to the internet, purportedly for violating the terms of his asylum by speaking out on political matters.

Assange in turn sued, saying his rights as an Ecuadorian — he was granted citizenship last year as part of an apparent attempt to name him a diplomat and ferry him to Russia — were being violated.

The mounting tensions has drawn Moreno closer to the position of Britain, which for years has said it is barred by law from extraditing suspects to any jurisdiction where they would face capital punishment.

But nothing is preventing it from extraditing him to the U.S. if prosecutors there were to pledge not to seek the death penalty.