Judge Pirro Confirms Trump May Run In 2024, Rips Biden’s First Month In Office

Judge Jeanine Pirro criticized President Joe Biden and his administration’s first month in office in a blistering opening statement last night. She also had Lara Trump on to confirm the rumors that Trump is interested in running in 2024. 

Lara Trump broke her silence on Pirro’s show as to the big rumor Trump will mount a challenge to Biden in 2024. She confirmed Trump may run again: “He has told us to stay tuned and that it’s not over for him. He has indicated that he would probably be interested in running again in 2024. He is the head of the Republican Party.”

Pirro is not happy with Biden’s first month in office and accused him of making America last by reversing many of Trump’s executive orders in his first month in office.

“It has been one month since Joe Biden has assumed the role of Commander in Chief. In that one month, we’ve gone from President Trump’s policy of ‘America first’ to Biden’s new policy America last.”

“After a magnificent run of over 200 years, we are left with a leader who believes in globalism, open borders, world equity in vaccines even before all Americans are vaccinated,” Pirro said.

This is not the first time Pirro has gone after Biden. On The Five she said:

“Biden is doing the exact same thing as former President Obama in his first 30 days. Apologizing to the world for being America and confirming that America will be last. I don’t buy it and I don’t think it’s American,” Pirro said.