Judge Issues Emergency Order In Georgia Preventing Defendants From Wiping Voting Machines For Ten Days

Attorney Lin Wood detailed the crazy back and forth in Georgia yesterday over his effort to preserve the voting machines in that state for ten days before they are wiped clean.

First, Lin won in court when a judge issued an order on Sunday morning to freeze all Dominion voting machines in the state of Georgia.

Attorney Linn Wood said: “Emergency Order just entered by Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr.”

“Defendants are ordered to maintain the status quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.”

Then a judge reversed the order said a shocked Lin Wood:

“What??? Judge reversed order based on Defendants’ claim that GA Counties control voting machines.”

He added, “Machines are owned by State & @GaSecofState administers state laws on elections.”

Enter the judge again late last night who issued an emergency order:

“Defendants are hereby ENJOINED & RESTRAINED from altering, destroying, or erasing, or allowing the alteration, destruction, or erasure of, any software or data on any Dominion voting machine…”

Causing Lin Wood to take a victory lap:

“Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 & I won, then lost, but ended up winning. We will never give up the pursuit of TRUTH to achieve justice.”