Joy Behar Takes Veiled Swipe At Kayleigh McEnany: “Biden had to restore credibility in the briefing room after the embarrassment of the Trump years”

The View co-host Joy Behar took a weak swipe at Kayleigh McEnany today when speaking to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Joy said:  

“You know, Biden and, had to restore credibility in the briefing room after the embarrassment of the Trump years. And Jen Psaki and you have done that. So thank you for that.

“How do you, how are you handling the disingenuous and ridiculous takes when you’re up there trying to do your job and inform the public?”

Jean-Pierre said: “I appreciate that, thanks Joy. So can I say, Joy, and I say this sincerely, the fact that I’m standing here on the White House North Lawn, in the booth, the ABC booth, talking to all of you, is an honor. 

“It is something that I would have never have thought would have happened if you had asked me when I was 10 years old or 12 years old. 

“This is what, or told me this is what I would be doing in the future. And it is a complete privilege, and it is a complete honor to walk through these gates every day, knowing that I am speaking on behalf of this president and that I am speaking on behalf of the American public.

“Look, the give and take that I have with the press, I enjoy it. I appreciate it. 

“It is part of the job. And it is something that, that I am looking forward to continue to doing. But, yes, it’s a lot of fun  to say the least.

Behar said: “Is that what they call it?

Trump was the most transparent president in history.

We don’t know who is really calling the shots in the Biden administration.

Remember, they didn’t even tell Joe about the baby formula crisis until it was a full-blown Biden debacle.

Every time Joe Biden opens his mouth he embarrasses this country. Did you see him yesterday? 

And every decision Biden has made has backfired on the American people. 

Biden currently has the lowest numbers in the history of presidential polling and for good reason.

That is embarrassing and should embarrass his supporters like Joy.