Josh Hawley Introduces Bill To Allow States To Deport Illegal Immigrants: “Let’s take the gloves off here”

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., will introduce a bill to allow states to enforce federal immigration law including the deportation of illegal immigrants today. Hawley says it is time to “take the gloves off.” His bill is called the “Empowering States to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act”

Josh said: “If Joe Biden isn’t going to enforce immigration laws why don’t we let the states enforce immigration laws. The State of Texas would love to, the states of Florida, Arizona, they’d love to enforce immigration laws.

“Let’s them do it, let’s let them secure the border, let’s let them deport illegal immigrants according to our laws. Let’s take the gloves off here, let’s enforce the law, let’s restore order to the border.

The bill says:

“This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Empowering States4to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act.

“States may authorize State and local law enforcement officers to enforce provisions of Federal immigration law that prohibit the unlawful entry into the United States, including sections 271 through 280 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

“EFFECT OF AUTHORIZATION ON SUPREME COURT RULING.—Subsection (a) effectively abrogates the decision of the Supreme Court in Arizona v. the United States. 


“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, State prosecutors are authorized to initiate prosecutions for violations of Federal immigration law referred to in subsection (a) in a United States District Court that has jurisdiction over—

“the place at which any such violation occurred; or

“the place at which the person charged for any such violation is apprehended. 

“CONFORMING AMENDMENT.—Section 279 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1329) is amended

“by inserting ‘‘, or by a State prosecutor pursuant to section 2(c) of the Empowering States to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act,’’ before ‘‘that arise’’; and

“by inserting ‘‘It shall be the duty of the State prosecutor of the appropriate State to prosecute every such suit when brought by a State’’ after ‘‘United States,” the bill says.