Jonathan Turley Warns USA: “Shaping up to be one of the greatest scandals in the history of Washington”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley dropped the hammer on the Biden family saying the Biden famiky business scandal the GOP is uncovering is shaping up to be one of DC’s greatest scandals. 

He said: “I think that it’s the assumption is that he knew exactly what these meetings were about

“It just strains credulity that he flies to China with his son and doesn’t ask once, by the way, where are you going to go in China? 

“You know, what are you doing business here that he makes all these calls to? 

“These folks have dinners with foreign characters, and he doesn’t say, who were those guys? 

“Why were you meeting? 

“It’s just not very believable. 

“But I think that we also have other evidence that they shared accounts. “There are some emails referring to a 10% cut going to the president. 

“It was called the big guy. 

“They were accounts of offices that would be paid for the president and the first lady. 

“Hunter Biden himself complains about taking money to pay his father’s bills. 

“You know, there was an exchange where Hunter Biden said, we’re the best at this effectively. 

“And they are. 

“And you can see that in how that influence paid only scheme was developed. 

“No money has to go directly to the president. 

“There’s lots of ways to benefit the Biden family, but the one thing that we can’t do is just walk away. 

“We have to find out the full story here. 

“I think this is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington, and that is saying a lot.”