Jonathan Turley Overrules DA Fani Willis: “The Jackson Pollock school of prosecution, she threw it all against the canvas”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turler overruled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over the charges against former president Donald Trump and 18 others.  He said:

“What’s concerning, particularly about this is that Willis didn’t really show any semblance of restraint. She indicted everyone for everything she could think of. 

“It is sort of the Jackson Pollock School of Prosecution. She threw it all against the canvas. And I think she is hoping that some of these other co-defendants will flip.

“I think partially she went with the RICO charge is because she’s quite familiar with it. 

“This is a prosecutor who made her name bringing RICO state, RICO cases. 

“Also, it allows for this type of overarching conspiracy. 

“I mean, she is listing over 160 acts. 

“There often phone calls, meetings, tweets. 

“She just calls them all criminal. 

“She says that they all were knowingly false. 

“And with that broad brush, she’s able to indict everyone and bring in 19 people into that courtroom. 

“That’s the benefit of using a racketeering approach. 

“But it also increases the danger for the country in terms of how we will handle contested elections in the future,” he said.

The DA indicted the below people:

Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani, Trump lawyer

Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff

John Eastman, Trump lawyer

Kenneth Chesebro, pro-Trump lawyer

Jeffrey Clark, top Justice Department official

Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign lawyer

Robert Cheeley, lawyer who promoted fraud claims

Mike Roman, Trump campaign official

David Shafer, Georgia GOP chair and fake elector

Shawn Still, fake GOP elector

Stephen Lee, pastor tied to intimidation of election workers

Harrison Floyd, leader of Black Voices for Trump

Trevian Kutti, publicist tied to intimidation of election workers

Sidney Powell, Trump campaign lawyer

Cathy Latham, fake GOP elector tied to Coffee County breach

Scott Hall, tied to Coffee County election system breach

Misty Hampton, Coffee County elections supervisor

Ray Smith