Joe Scarborough Rips Dems For Disaster In Miami, Says Biden’s Performance Most Disturbing

Joe Scarborough, say what you will about him, does have a sharp political mind. He saw Trump’s power early and often remarked with his guests how willing Trump was to go on TV, with no pre-approved talking points, and how it made Jeb and the others look weak and afraid.

Trump would answer any question any time and it captivated a nation sick and tired of politicians.

Miami was a debacle for the Dems if you did not watch. They are not ready for prime time. Every Democrat in the debates in Miami sounded like a cynical politician. Complete with the flip-flop today to try to clean up what they said.

Trump means what he says and says what he means. The Democrats? After the debacle in Miami does anyone even care?

From The Hill: MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called the second night of the first 2020 Democratic debates a “disaster for the Democratic Party” and said that he hopes voters were not watching the face-off, which aired on his network.

“With apologies to our friends and watching, last night was a disaster for the Democratic Party,” Scarborough said Friday on “Morning Joe.” “My only hope is people were not watching and I will tell you why.”

He went on to jab the candidates for criticizing each other instead of focusing their ire on President Trump.

“So they’re lined up in trench warfare, ready to get out of the trenches and charge Donald Trump. Instead, they all turn their guns on each other and shoot each other, and everybody is yelling at each other all night,” Scarborough said Friday morning.

“If you’re an American and this is your introduction to these candidates and the Democratic Party, and all you see are 12 people yelling at each other, trying to interrupt each other, insulting each other, you’re like, ‘You know what. I thought Donald Trump was a clown show. I’m changing the channel.’”

Scarborough called former Vice President Joe Biden’s performance one of “the most disturbing debate performances” he had seen, and questioned Biden for sticking closely to the debate’s rules and not focusing more specifically on issues in his answers.

“It was one of those moments where you’re going, ‘My God, is he going to complete his sentence?’” Scarborough asked.

“Bernie Sanders was yelling all night. Bernie Sanders didn’t prepare for the debate,” Scarborough said. “It showed because he basically gave the same debate performances this year that he gave four years ago. It may have worked when it was Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton. It did not work last night.”

Scarborough also criticized the Democratic candidates for adopting a slate of progressive policy platforms, including decriminalizing border crossings and providing health insurance through a public option to undocumented immigrants, suggesting that they would not be able to beat Trump with that focus.

“It was a bad sign for me, as someone who desperately wants to see Donald Trump taken out of office,” Scarborough said.