Joe Rogan Predicts Republicans Will Win Midterms Because Democrats Are “Making Republicans, People Are Just Like ‘What The F**k Are You Saying?’”

Superstar comedian Joe Rogan predicted a massive red wave for the Republican Party in the 2022 midterm elections because the Democrats are ‘making republicans’ with their bungling.

Speaking with comedian Bridget Phetasy, Rogan said: “The red wave that’s coming is going to be like the elevator doors in The Shining. That’s what I think. I think people are just like ‘what the f**k are you saying?’ They’re making Republicans.”

“I don’t know how they’re doing it,” Phetasy said. “I had a family member who is a boomer and a die hard liberal, and they told me when I was home this summer that they would vote for DeSantis.”

“And I’m like, how did you lose this person? 

“How did you lose this person? 

“This is a like go to the ballot and vote blue no matter what and you’ve lost even the boomers,” she said.

The desperate Dem brought out Barack Obama to tery to save the day and got mocked by the media.

CNN’s Scott Jennings said:

“I think the fact he’s out there also tells you what we know about the election. 

“Joe Biden can’t be out there. 

“So this is the only person they can put out. 

“Democrats have bet everything on abortion, everything. 

“And with nine days to go, it’s Social Security, it’s Medicare, it’s fear, it’s — and finally it’s we made a huge mess, and what are you going to do to clean it up? 

“It’s too late. It’s not going to work.

New York Times’ Jonathan Martin said:

“I think Obama being out there in places that Biden cannot go, Georgia, Nevada, the two most obvious examples, it does say a lot about Democrats, sort of where the party is today, right? 

“But Biden was essentially an emergency nominee in 2020, because the entire criteria of the party, who can beat Trump, and he was obviously the answer. 

“But there was not a lot of thought given to longer term planning, so they now have a near 80-year-old incumbent president, and they’re relying on somebody who was last on the ballot a decade ago to come in as their closer in the midterms. 

“It tells you a lot about where things are,” he said.