Joe Biden Puts AOC In Her Place: Majority of Dems Not “Way Left”

In one of the biggest acts of political malpractice in American history, the Democrats have spent the last few weeks talking about…

Busing…reparations…abolishing private health insurance…and called Joe Biden a racist.

Leading up to the huge challenge of beating Trump – don’t listen to the media Trump will be near impossible to beat in 2020 – the Democrats pull their biggest political losers from their bag of tricks and presented them to a horrified America?

Biden knows he needs to repair the damage and quick or the Democrats may not only lose the presidency but the House as well.

He took a few shots at AOC and warned the rest of the field about the lean left, but having watched Democrats implode over the years, they will not listen.

This is almost too easy for Trump…bringing up reparations and busing in 2019? Probably the biggest political blunder of the last 50 years…

From The New York Post: Joe Biden said in a new interview that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — while “brilliant” and “bright” — does not represent Democrats who can win a general election in a competitive district or state.

The Democratic presidential front-runner, in an interview with CNN, expressed profound skepticism of the leftward tilt of his party, arguing that the majority of Dems are “center-left” — not “way left.”

It was apparent during the interview that Biden does not feel the need to swing to the left to capture the Democratic base and, instead, hopes to set himself apart with his moderation.

Biden pointed to the 2018 midterm elections, where several swing districts were won by more moderate Democrats.

“That’s what this election is about. I’m happy to debate that issue and all those issues with my friends because guess what, look who won the races. Look who won last time out,” Biden said.

“By the way, I think Ocasio-Cortez is a brilliant, bright woman, but she won a primary. In the general election fights, who won? Mainstream Democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on education and health care.”

AOC has risen to liberal stardom after she won a surprising victory against Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary in 2018.

From CNN: Biden’s clearest policy difference with the left — health care — was evident during the interview, too.

“I have a plan how to do that that’s rational, that will cost a hell of a lot less and that will work,” Biden said about health care, slamming Medicare for All, the liberal-backed proposal that would mandate Medicare as the single-payer system for all Americans. Biden, despite talking about health care on the trail, has yet to roll out a formal plan, but a number of his Democratic opponents in 2020, like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have fully embraced Medicare for All.

Biden said he would not abolish private insurance but would offer Medicare as “an option for anybody who in fact wants to buy into Medicare for All.”

“But if they like their employer-based insurance, which a lot of unions broke their neck to get, a lot of people like theirs, they shouldn’t have to give it up,” Biden said.