Joe Biden Flubs Big Interview, Misstates Number of Grandchildren He Has

Joe Biden has not taken any hard questions from the national press but he made time for Hollywood musician Cardi B.

Why Joe Biden would do this interview is a topic for another day, it is what he said that is turning heads. It is hard ti make news in a softball interview, But Biden can by flubbing it.

AS he did when he seemed to forget how many grandkids he has – he said 4 or 5 but the real number is 7. He may be forgetting some of Hunter’s love children?

From Breitbart:

Former Vice President Joe Biden misstated the number of grandchildren he has during an interview with rapper and songwriter Cardi B.

Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, sat down for an exclusive interview with the popular entertainment figure over the weekend for Elle magazine to discuss the upcoming general election and the novel coronavirus pandemic. During the introductory portion of the interview, Biden and Cardi B talked about their families and how difficult it could be to stick to a schedule of events while raising small children.

“You’re telling me? I’ve got four kids, five grandchildren — c’mon, I’m an expert,” the former vice president told the rap star. “I understand about kids, the most important thing [is] they come first.”

The number of grandchildren he cited, though, is inaccurate. The Bidens, in fact, have seven grandchildren in total. Two are from their late-son Beau’s marriage to Hallie Olivere, while five are from their son Hunter’s various relationships.

The fifth and youngest of Hunter’s children, a boy, was born on March 28 of this year to Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker. The couple, who reside in a $12,000-per-month rental in the Hollywood hills, wed in May 2019 after knowing each other for less than a week.