Jeffrey Epstein’s Disgusting Emails Unsealed, Show Him Referring To Young Women As Disney Princesses

Former JPMorgan Chase & Co executive Jes Staley’s emails with disgraced pervert Jeffrey Epstein were released as part of a lawsuit against the bank in the US Virgin islands.

In the emails, Staley and Epstein referred to young women Epstein was procuring as Disney princesses. The territory unsealed the emails yesterday Wednesday as part of a court filing to make the case that JPMorgan, as Staley’s employer at the time, is liable for helping Epstein’s sexual abuse.

Previously, a woman sued JPMorggan for helping Epstein abuse her and claimed Jes Staley “personally observed” the abuse when he was the bank’s head of private wealth.

“That was fun,” Staley wrote. “Say hi to Snow White.”

“What character would you like next?” Epstein responded.

“Beauty and the Beast,” said Staley.

In an email to Epstein when Jeffrey was under home confinement in Palm Beach, Florida and Staley was staying at Epstein’s villa on Little St. James Staley said:

“Presently, I’m in the hot tub with a glass of white wine.

“This is an amazing place. 

“Next time, we’re here together. I owe you much. 

“And I deeply appreciate our friendship. I have few so profound.” 

In another email Staley wrote:

“I realize the danger in sending this email. 

“But it was great to be able, today, to give you, in New York City, a long, heartfelt, hug.

Staley is not a defendant in either lawsuit.

He has denied any knowledge of Epstein’s sexual abuse.

According to Bloomberg:

JPMorgan declined to comment on the USVI filing on Wednesday. The bank has moved to dismiss both suits, claiming that the allegations concerning Staley are unsupported and that any knowledge on his part can’t be imputed to the bank.

JPMorgan has also argued that it’s not clear that the allegations about Staley concern minors or women under coercion.

Staley, who left JPMorgan in 2013 and became chief executive officer of Barclays Plc two years later, was known to have exchanged upwards of 1,200 emails with Epstein over the years, but their contents have not been previously disclosed.

Staley stepped down as Barclays CEO in 2021 following a UK Financial Conduct Authority probe into his ties with Epstein.

According to the USVI, Epstein also occasionally emailed Staley photos of young women.