Iranian Reporter Says America Is ‘Racist,’ Black US Soccer Team Captain Sets Him Straight

Tyler Adams is the 23-year-old captain of the U.S. men’s national soccer team. The American team is leading Iran 1-0 with the winning team advancing to the next stage of the World Cup. 

Before the big game today, an arrogant Iranian journalist asked Adams how he could play a country that has a history of discrimination against Black people. Adams’ answer was all class:

“There’s discrimination everywhere you go. One thing that I’ve learned—especially from living abroad in the past years and having to fit into different cultures and kind of assimilate into different cultures—is that in the U.S., we’re continuing to make progress every single day.

“Growing up for me, I grew up in a white family with obviously an African American heritage and background, as well. 

“So I had a little bit of different cultures, and I was very, very easily able to assimilate in different cultures.

“Not everyone has that, that ease and the ability to do that, and obviously it takes longer for some to understand. 

“Through education, I think it’s super important, like you just educated me now on the pronunciation of your country. 

“It’s a process. 

“I think, as long as you see progress, that’s the most important thing.”

According to The Hill:

The exchange came after Iranian state media on Sunday called for the U.S. to be banned from competing in the international event over a now-deleted social media post from the U.S. national team in which an Islamic emblem on the Iranian flag was removed. 

The post was seen as the men’s team offering support for protesters in the country who are demonstrating against the Iranian government.