Ilhan Omar’s Opponent Says Her Campaign’s ‘Falling Apart’ After DFL Files Desperate Complaint With FEC Against Him

Ilhan Omar is getting nervous. She is a very tough primary fight against a well-funded respected challenger and her attention-seeking on the national stage is not an asset in this race.

In fact, it is an albatross. So out of the blue, the Minnesota DFL party filed a federal elections complaint Tuesday against Antone Melton-Meaux.

They are alleging he illegally concealed the identities of his campaign consultants and did the same with a few contributions.


He fired back and called the complaint frivolous and full of “falsities.”

“What this really is, frankly, is a desperate attempt by the DFL to resurrect Congresswoman Omar’s campaign that is falling apart. That’s what this is,” Melton-Meaux said.

From The Washington Examiner:

The Federal Election Commission has received a complaint accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar’s primary opponent of failing to disclose some of his donors.

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party, claimed that Omar’s primary opponent Antone Melton-Meaux was “conspiring to intentionally obscure” who had donated to his campaign and alleged he had been paying vendors off-the-books.

Melton-Meaux said the FEC complaint is a “desperate” attempt to muddy his campaign after he raked in seven times as much in donations as Omar.

“Today the DFL announced that they’re filing an FEC complaint against my campaign. This is a frivolous and baseless claim.

And this is a continuation of more divisiveness and distraction from my opponent, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is clearly desperate,” Melton-Meaux said.

“Scott Thomas, a former FEC commissioner and four-time chair of the FEC, who reviewed numerous complaints during his 30-year career with the FEC said,

‘The complaint by the DFL would be rejected by the FEC because it lacks merit,'” he added.