Hunter Biden’s Daughter Attacks Trump, Says She Would Have Slapped POTUS Across Face Last Night

Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden’s daughter went after President Trump last night in a shocking and quite scandalous manner.

She said, “@joebiden launched this campaign because our president refused to condemn violent white supremacists. 523 days later, he has double-downed and told them to “standby”.

This election has been as clear to him as it is today for us since day one. Vote. Because it matters.”

Then she got scandalous, “I wouldn’t have survived 5 minutes on that stage without slapping him across the face – and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that.

So tell me how someone Trump calls “sleepy joe” and says is on uppers could wade through an hour and a half of this nonsense.”

From The Daily Mail:

Her comments were in reference to the Trump campaign’s earlier claims that Biden would use an earpiece and performance enhancing drugs during the debate. 

She also slammed Trump as the ‘worst president in American history’ and urged followers to vote him out of office in November.

During the 90-minute televised event, Biden and Trump repeatedly shouted over each other and insulted each other as moderator Chris Wallace lost control of the debate.

Things took a personal and nasty turn more than hour into the angry clash when Trump went after Biden’s children.  

Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s history with drugs as well as claims the 50-year-old investment advisor took $3.5million from the wealthy wife of the former Mayor of Moscow.

Last week, Naomi defended her father in a tweet thread, describing him as a man ‘filled with love, integrity, and human struggles.’