House GOP Leaders Call For Criminal Probe Of Nancy Pelosi Over SOTU Stunt

Nancy Pelosi just got more bad news on top of the bad week she has had. Pelosi and the Democrats are playing hardball over the final round of stimulus and it looks like it backfired.

Trump checkmated Nancy with some executive orders that bypassed her power play and Mitch and Meadows backed his move and will not budge in negotiations.

Reeling from legislative failures she now faces two members of the House GOP sending a letter to Bill Barr asking about criminal charges against her for her State of The Union stunt.

There is little chance she will actually face charges for her stunt unless Barr finds something most missed.

From Fox News:

Two House GOP leaders have officially called on Attorney General William Barr to determine whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke federal law when she ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech earlier this year.

Pelosi famously tore the speech at the conclusion of Trump’s February address in the House chamber “because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives,” Pelosi said at the time. “I tore it up. I was trying to find one page with truth on it. I couldn’t.”

Republican Policy Committee Chairman Gary Palmer, R-Ala., and Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson, R-La., wrote a letter to Barr on Tuesday asking he deliver a definitive answer on whether “Pelosi committed a criminal act by destroying an official copy of the State of the Union speech delivered to her” by Trump.

“Nancy Pelosi’s famous tantrum on the House floor was more than disgraceful; she violated her responsibility to preserve official documents delivered to the House of Representatives,” Palmer said in a statement.

“We ask the Attorney General to review this scandalous outburst, not simply because it offended every American, but because it set a precedent for radical politicians to hijack state events for partisan performance art and possibly break the law with, thus far, no consequence.”

The GOP lawmakers believe Pelosi could have violated 18 U.S.C. § 2071 which deals with the mutilation of official federal records and sets a criminal penalty of destroying documents of up to three years in prison.