Hollywood Star Bette Midler Tries To Trash Kari Lake, Gets Duped By Parody Website From Comedy Writer

Hollywood star Bette Midler got busted promoting nonsense claims about Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake taken from a parody website.

Toby Morton is a comedy writer for South Park and MADtv and makes parody sites mocking the GOP. He has sites about Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Kari Lake, Elon Musk, and others. Midler is a mindless liberal who does think critically so she spread false information about Lake without batting an eye.

Midler wrote: “Heeere’s #KariLake, running for Gov of #Arizona, spewer of Q-anon conspiracies and all around nasty nut job!  Don’t let the cute package fool you!  She’s lethal!”

She linked to the parody site that said of Lake:

“I embrace far-right nationalism and the forceful suppression of any opposition. I strongly oppose Marxism, liberalism and democracy, and believe the state takes precedence over individual interests. 

“I favor centralized rule, often a single party or leader, and embrace the idea of a national rebirth, a new greatness for my country.

“I have dissolved friendships in favor of criminal Trump and his followers. 

“I once supported and was a close friend of a drag queen as well as a whole community of people who lived free as themselves, but that Kari is no more. 

“I will never be her again. 

“This is who I am now.

“I, like other Trumpers, cannot speak or think for myself. 

“When one follows a leader blindly like a cult, there’s no telling what will happen. 

“Know that if I become your Governor, I will answer to Trump. 

“This isn’t an opinion, but a fact. I left my job as a newscaster for him and his ideals,” the site said.