Hollywood Legend Oliver Stone Ruins Joe Biden’s Day: “I see a man who maybe is not in charge of his own administration, I voted for him, I made a mistake”

Hollywood legend Oliver Stone dealt a massive blow to President Biden after watching Joe in action for the last few years saying he is not sure if Biden is ‘in charge of his own administration’ and that he regrets voting for him.

Stone said Russell Brand’s talk show “Stay Free”: “You have to look at the reasons for this war, and whenever you do, the Americans like to simplify and say it’s a question of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“That’s very simplistic and very black-and-white. The origins of this war in the coup d’état of 2014 which was sponsored and supported thoroughly by the United States, it was a very deep plan to penetrate the Russian Federation.

“The Neoconservative movement who started the war in Iraq remain deep inside our government. Biden is an old Cold Warrior, and he really hates the old Soviet Union which he confounds again with the Russian Federation, which is not communist.

“If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, this guy is – I voted for him – I made a mistake.

“I was thinking he was an old man now that he would calm down, that he would be more mellow and so-forth, I didn’t see that at all.

“I see a man who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. 

“Who knows?”

“It seems that he’s dragging us stupidly into a confrontation with a power that is not going to give. 

“This is their borders. 

“This is their world. 

“This is NATO going into Ukraine. 

“This is a whole other story.

“Our allies are rabid anti-Russian people.

“They didn’t want the deal, they didn’t want the peace treaty. 

“They don’t want to give autonomy to Donetsk and Lugansk. 

“Now look where we are. It’s gotten worse, and it’s going to get worse.”