Hockey Coach Rips Colin And Megan: Anyone Thinking Of Disrespecting Flag Grab Gear And Get The F**K Out Now

In a stunning and must-see video, an unnamed hockey coach went off on the NFL and the US women’s soccer team for disrespecting the flag.

The coach laid down the law on the first day of camp telling his team that anyone who wants to disrespect the flag can grab their gear and get the F*** out now.

Wow…we need more of this guy whoever he is. From The Daily Wire:

An unidentified hockey coach has lit up social media with a speech to his players about respecting the national anthem, telling them they should go ahead and “get the f*** out” if they plan on dishonoring either the American or Canadian national anthems, like players from women’s soccer and the National Football League.

“You guys, listen up for a second. First day of camp, something really important,” the coach, who is yet to be identified, told a locker room full of players.

“We’re not women’s soccer, we’re not the NFL. If there’s anybody here that’s going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f*** out now — because you’ll never see the ice in this arena.”

“We don’t have that problem in hockey — we’re better than that — but there was no sense in wasting anybody’s time if that sh** was going to happen,” he continued.

“I don’t believe it would happen here. We’re the most patriotic sport that they have out there. So, just keep that in mind. Thank you.”

The coach’s mention of women’s soccer is a clear reference to the anthem protests staged by U.S. Women’s Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who has joined former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in protesting during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

In response to the U.S. team forbidding kneeling during the anthem, Rapinoe has maintained her protest by refusing to place her hand over her heart.