Hillary Clinton Crosses Line With New Insult On AG Bill Barr’s Character and Integrity: “Crony ready to do whatever is necessary”

Hillary Clinton crossed the line with a new attack on Attorney General Bill Barr’s character and honor.

She is truly a disgrace. Speaking with 19th Washington correspondent Amanda Becker, Clinton said of Biden.

“I’m ready to help in any way I can because I think this will be a moment where every American, I don’t care what party you are, I don’t care what age, race, gender, I don’t care — every American should want to fix our country. So if you’re asked to serve, you should certainly consider that.”


Then she turned nasty and said of Trump: “I don’t wanna scare people, but I want you to be prepared, I have every reason to believe that Trump is not going to go silently into the night if he loses.”

“He’s going to try to confuse us. He’s going to try to bring all kinds of lawsuits.” Then she took a cheap shot at Bill Barr of all people.

“He’s got his crony Attorney General Barr ready to do whatever is necessary. So I can’t even think yet about the administration.”

“The idea that your vote doesn’t count is an idea that is promoted by people who don’t want your vote to count,” she said.

“I still hope, especially with Kamala on the ticket, that the coverage of women running for president or vice president will be less sexist, less sensationalist, less trivializing,” she said. “I told them that they would just have to be ready for that and be able to ride through it.”

“If you get more women running, then it’s like more men running,” Clinton said. “You know, men come in all sizes and shapes and colors and heights, you know the whole deal.”

From Fox News: 

“Just think of what a difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science, put fact over fiction, but brought us together, showed the kind of compassion and caring that we need from our president and which Joe Biden has been exemplifying throughout his entire life,” Clinton emphasized.

She also expressed her overwhelming approval of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as Biden’s running mate.

“I’m thrilled to welcome @KamalaHarris to a historic Democratic ticket,” Clinton tweeted Tuesday. “She’s already proven herself to be an incredible public servant and leader. And I know she’ll be a strong partner to @JoeBiden. Please join me in having her back and getting her elected.”