“He started crying like a baby that lost his pacifier”: Florida Sheriff On Tough Guy Rapper Arrested For Murder

A Florida Sheriff called out a wannabe rapper he charged with murder during a press conference. La’Darion Chandler, 19, is being held without bond on charges of first-degree murder, convicted delinquent in possession of a firearm, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The suspect made a rap video to brag about killing a rival gang member authorities said.

“He’s not much of a rapper,” said Sheriff Grady Judd. “But he’s a stupid rapper.” Chandler shot 33-year-old John McGee last December. “He was just a mess,” said Sheriff Judd.

Judd talked about how hard it was to crack the case:

“You go to one of these scenes, you know, there’s 200 people in the parking lot, and you talk to them all and they all just got out of the bathroom.

“I was in the bathroom when that happened. 

“200 people in 20 bathrooms, it’s crowded but that’s where they are.”

The break in the case came when police arrested Chandler for pulling a gun on a different guy.

“Fortunately he didn’t kill that guy,” said Judd.

When detectives served the first-degree murder warrant on Chandler, the sheriff said Chandler’s tough guy attitude changed.

“He started crying like a baby that lost his pacifier,” said Judd.

The sheriff played a portion of the rap video made by Chandler.

“N—a tried to run, I hit his back. Thought I shoot like a Mac. Dirt a– dead n—-s knowing where to find me at.”