GOP State Senator Booed Off Stage Before Trump’s Big Speech At Arizona Rally

Arizona state Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita was booed off the stage at the Trump-headlined Turning Point USA Phoenix rally on Saturday. “Listen up!” she said as the chorus of boos came crashing down on her.

Ugenti-Rita was not in control and ended up cutting her speech short but not before saying that she would “win the primary.” The crowd could have been reacting to Ugenti-Rita breaking with the state Senate and calling for an end to the election audit.

She gave her reasons why on Twitter. She wrote: “I’ve been on the frontlines of the battle for election integrity for the last 10 years. I wrote the law banning ballot harvesting, cleaned-up our mail-in voter rolls, strengthened ID requirements just to name a few of my accomplishments something every candidate on that stage praised. 

“I’ll put my record of fighting for election integrity up against anyone. What I won’t do is vote for “show” legislation that does nothing to strengthen election integrity and introduced for self serving reasons.

“There’s too much at stake. Our election system is under constant assault by the left, and I won’t support bills that fail to strengthen our election system. 

The same holds true for the audit. I supported the audit, but I do not support the Trump audit any longer.

“I wanted to review our election processes and see what, if anything, could be improved. Sadly, it’s now become clear that the audit has been botched. 

“The total lack of competence by @FannKfann over the last 5 months has deprived the voters of Arizona a comprehensive accounting of the 2020 election. 

“That’s inexcusable, but it shows what can happen when Republicans do not take election integrity deadly serious.”

From Newsweek:

Arizona State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita was booed off stage at a rally featuring former President Donald Trump.

Ugenti-Rita, a Republican, was immediately met with a chorus of loud boos after taking the stage at a “Protect Our Elections” rally hosted by Turning Point Action in Phoenix on Saturday.

“Why don’t you listen to what I have to say?” Ugenti-Rita, who is running for Arizona secretary of state, asked the crowd after several failed attempts to get her speech going.

“Listen. Fine, OK… I am running to be your next Secretary of State. I’m going to win the primary. Thank you very much,” she said, before walking off after around 90 seconds on stage.