GOP Rep Rebukes Pelosi: ‘We have more on Biden than they wish they had on Donald Trump’

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida ripped congressional Democrats saying there was more evidence against President Joe Biden than Democrats had against former President Donald Trump when Pelosi impeached him for his interactions with Ukraine.

Donalds said: “That plea deal was designed to cover up the corruption surrounding Joe Biden and his family. Especially when you look at the facts that the FARA violations were buried in this gun charge and now what Devon Archer has come forward and said.

“He confirms the fact that not only was Hunter Biden operating as an unregistered foreign agent, but that his daddy was always on call.

“If my wife or my son say, hey dad, come to dinner, the first question is who is at dinner?

“When it was Donald Trump, they moved quickly on a phone call.

‘No other corroboration, just a phone call. 

“Frankly, it was about the same allegations that pan out to be true about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

“They don’t care about the paper trail. 

“They care Joe Biden has done the Democrats’ bidding when it comes to policy in the federal government and they want to protect that.

“In about six months of investigation, we have more than they wish they had on Donald Trump,” Donalds said.