GOP Rep Breaks Silence: “I think Trump is at fault here, I watched almost all of his speech”

A Republican representative hid in his office during the Capitol riots and protected his staff with his gun.

“I had a gun. We weren’t that worried,” he said. “We barricaded the door and decided what our rules of engagement were.” 

The rioters were lucky they never found that office because they would have been shot dead.  “You can’t trust that when a mob comes through your door that they just want to do a grip-and-grin. They’re probably not there for a grip-and-grin.” 

“People did mislead the folks that came here, and Trump was among them,” Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican told The Dispatch. 

“He insinuated that states wanted their electors thrown out, which was not true. I kept a spreadsheet of every document every state produced, and in no case did a majority of any legislature even put their name on the letter.” 

“I think Trump is at fault here. I watched almost all of his speech. I felt like it was inevitable,” he added.

“I told my wife it was like a 50-pound feedsack and I just heard the first few stitches pop. The next thing that happens is all the stitches pop and all the feed’s on the ground.” 

“What we do know is that at least 95 percent of those people have probably been to a Trump rally before and they are genuinely MAGA,” Massie said. 

“Here’s the thing: 99.999 percent of Trump supporters would never break a window, and so that’s what was incongruous.” 

“But there’s always that 1 percent that wakes up in the morning ready to wreck something.” 

“There were some of those in the crowd,” he said.

“You wouldn’t even need Antifa there. If you’ve got a crowd that big, you’re going to find some people that just want to break some stuff. They’re hyped up, and they’re ready to break some things.” 

“I watched the Trump speech, and I thought, ‘This is not going to turn out well,’” he said.