Federal Court Hands Trump Huge Win Over Liberals In Critical FOIA Case

The left is desperate to block Trump and his agenda and will stoop to any means necessary to accomplish their goals. They want his tax returns (the think this is the Rosetta stone to get to Trump) and they will be in the fight of their lives to get them.

Pelosi thinks an obscure law gives the Democrats the right to see Trump’s returns and one leading Dem said he would make them public when he got them.

Trump will fight this and the law is so ancient he will win so tot he courts the left will run and there they will lose again.

If past is prologue that is. From CNN: 

DC Circuit Court Judge Karen Henderson wrote that the President should be afforded the same privacy rights as any other citizen.

“This case presents the question whether a member of the public — here, a nonprofit organization — can use a FOIA request to obtain an unrelated individual’s tax records without his consent,” Henderson wrote in a opinion on behalf of herself and two other appellate judges. “With certain limited exceptions — all inapplicable here — the answer is no.”

Previous presidents have released their tax returns as a matter of course, but Trump has resisted making his records public, both as a candidate and in office.

Henderson wrote that the President’s tax returns are protected by the IRS.

“No one can demand to inspect another’s tax records,” she wrote. “And the (Internal Revenue Code’s) confidentiality protections extend to the ordinary taxpayer and the President alike.”

The decision in the DC federal appeals court affirmed the prior decision of a trial-level judge rejecting the freedom of information suit filed against the IRS by the nonprofit Election Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in 2017.

From Law & Crime: Judge Henderson said that the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and FOIA appear to be in tension (one protects confidentiality, the other promotes transparency), but said that they actually aren’t.

“One statute demands openness; the other privacy. But as we explain […] the statutes work well together. Not all records are subject to FOIA requests,” Henderson said. “An agency need not disclose records ‘specifically exempted from disclosure by statute.’  Because the IRC is such a statute, records that fall within its confidentiality mandate are exempt from FOIA.”

Henderson said that the issue at hand was pretty straightforward.

“This case presents the question whether a member of the public—here, a nonprofit organization—can use a FOIA request to obtain an unrelated individual’s tax records without his consent. With certain limited exceptions—all inapplicable here—the answer is no,” the judge opined. “No one can demand to inspect another’s tax records.”