Fed Up New Yorkers Heckle AOC, Tell Her To “Respect The Constitution And Close The Border”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats were loudly booed and heckled Friday at a press conference regarding the migrant crisis that Mayor Adams said was destroying the city. (See Video Below)

The Democrats were speaking outside of a hotel in Manhattan that has become a relief center for the migrants. AOC and others were shouted down by protesters chanting “send them back!” and “close the border.”

“My name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m here alongside Representative Adriano Espaillat, and we’re incredibly thrilled and excited to be here…” Ocasio-Cortez started saying as the crowd let her have it.

“We have geographic diversity here, including representative from California, Texas, Illinois and New Jersey,” she said.

The crowd erupted:

“Close the border.

“Close the border.

“Respect the constitution AOC. 

“I am your constituant.”

AOC continued on but no one could hear her:

“And what we seek to do is to make sure that all the resources are necessary and that we are joining with the city and state.”

A protester yelled:

“Illegal immigration is not right.

“Respect the constitution, close the border.”