Fans Give Kayleigh McEnany High Praise For Primetime Assignment: “That’s gonna be your show when Laura retires”

Fans of Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” praised the job former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did filling in for the Fox News star Friday night. McEnany has made a rapid rise at Fox News.

She now co-hosts the hit show ‘Outnumbered’ after joining the network from the Trump administration. Fans said on social media: “You did a great job. We will miss Laura but can’t think of a better host in her absence.

“Thank you for continuing to share your talents as one of the best news reporters I have ever seen so we can understand complex issues from all angles. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

“That’s gonna be your show when Laura retires.

“Jam-packed show, Kayleigh! Tulsi Gabbard proves again she would shine as a running mate for fmr President Trump next year. Great job!”

Tulsi slammed the swamp saying:

“There is this revolving door, Kayleigh, I know you’re very, very familiar with, where constantly we see how for example members of Congress who are supposed to be regulating Big Pharma don’t, and then they go and leave Congress and get a payout from Big Pharma.

“We see it with the military industrial complex, Secretary Austin, then Gen. Austin, retires from the military, goes and works for Raytheon, now goes back as a secretary of defense and seeing the billions of dollars that is going towards the military industrial complex.

“We see it with these financial regulators, people in position to actually do their job to protect the little guy, to protect our small and community banks, but instead, what are they doing? 

“They are looking for the payout where they can go and work for the big banks that they are allowing off the hook.”