EX-CIA Officer Looks At Evidence, Convicts Biden Of Money Laundering: “There is no doubt this is money laundering”

Joe Rogan suggested that Dem power brokers are exposing Joe Biden and his family’s corruption because they don’t think he can win while his guest, former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker, accused Biden of money laundering.

Rogan said: “I’m an armchair conspiracy theorist but If I had to guess, I would say that all this stuff that’s coming out slowly but surely about Biden is on purpose, and they want to get rid of him.

“I think he wants to run, again and I don’t think the Democrats think that he can win. I think they’re right. And I think they’re going to slowly but surely expose more of these like very clear pieces of evidence of corruption.

“The $20 million is f**kin’ bananas.

“The fact that this isn’t all over The New York Times and The Washington Post and mainstream news, that they’re not blaring it from the rooftops because, you know, they would be — if it was Trump.”

Baker said: “Whether it’s Biden, whether it’s Trump, it wouldn’t matter. If you’ve got an a**hole who’s in office and is engaged in pay-for-play right, and there’s no way frankly that this president didn’t know that he was being used as the dog in the dog and pony show right?

“And so they’ve got these records available to them and with the power of the government, their ability to subpoena and do all these things that they can do, they will have the case figured out at some point.

“The problem with Washington is do they have the, do they have the grit to stick with it, right? 

“And then the next question is does anything happen as a result? 

“But it is, in my mind anyway, there’s no doubt, this is, this is money laundering.

“And it’s pathetic, as you pointed out that there’s so little interest from a completely incurious, a completely partisan significant majority of the media.

“It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they do care and they’re taking every effort and they’re now having to contort themselves into certain ways because it’s getting more and more difficult to provide top cover for the Biden administration.

“But they’ve been trying.”