Elise Stefanik Publicly Embarrasses Andrew Cuomo: “Arrogance and hypocrisy knows no bounds”

 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo caved after backlash to his stunningly hypocritical comments about visiting with relatives this Thanksgiving.

Cuomo said before, “I have a conversation with my mother, several conversations about Thanksgiving. We have to get together for Thanksgiving. Mom, we can’t get to together for Thanksgiving. Oh no, no. I know, it has to be a small group.

“Just us. Just your sisters and your brother and your family. Just us. No mom, we can’t do that. I can’t be with my sisters. They’re your sisters. Just us, just us. Just the family, your sisters.

“They miss you. They haven’t seen you. They’re crazy about you. They love you.”

“Stop. Yes. They love me. I love them. Your family sounds safe, doesn’t it? Your home sounds safe. Your dining room table at Thanksgiving sounds safe.

“This is a safe environment. I’ll be safe. No, you won’t be safe. It’s an illusion. My sister loves me. My sister could infect me.

“Not maliciously, but accidentally. It’s counter-intuitive, what I thought was the safest place and the safest situation in my home at my table with my family. It can’t be any safer than that. That’s the dangerous situation.”

But then he changed his tune and admitted he was going to violate his own rules until the backlash forced him to cave.

Cuomo said, “The story is my mom is going to come up and two of my girls is the current plan. But the plans change. But that’s my plan.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) dropped the hammer “This is one of the many reasons why Cuomo is the WORST governor in America. His arrogance and hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

“Do as I say, not as I do. Rules for thee, but not for me. Family for me, but not for you. A despised, hypocritical, tyrannical, hubris-laden governor.”